Dr. Hans Kugler, PhD, is one of our most highly recognized researchers in the field of anti-aging medicine; his scientific presentations - - supported by impeccable documentation -- are eye-openers for professionals and lay-persons alike.

As professor of chemistry at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where he also did extensive longevity research, Dr. Kugler not only puts things into perspective, but also provides a complete picture of the anti-aging and regenerative medical sciences that can be applied with successful results.”

Dr. Ronald Klatz, M.D., D.O. President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD,
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Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD
Three pictures, above:
LEFT: Anti-Aging medical textbooks; Dr. Kugler co-author.
MIDDLE: Dr. Kugler, motivational speaker, on ANY aspect of anti-aging, presenter at International Anti-Aging Medical congresses.
RIGHT: Anti-aging, health, and fitness books by Dr.Kugler.
LBM Demonstration Project; lean like a Jaguar (women), or muscle like a Hummer: click here:
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ANTI-AGING - not just theoretical, but truly applicable - - IS NOW A SCIENTIFICALLY DOCUMENTED REALITY.
Within the overall mechanism/picture of aging, telomeres - extensions at the end of your DNA molecules that shorten with every cell division/age - had previously been established as true aging modalities. I elaborated on this in detail in my book LIFE-LONG HEALTH. But now a newly developed (and fully documented) formulation of naturally occurring plant ingredients (Product B, a proprietary blend) has been shown to positively support telomere health.  The plant-based active ingredients increase/maintain telomere-length in in-vitro tests on human skin cells.
Product B is marketed via multi-level by Isagenix (not IAAM associated). If you are interested in getting the best price - or exploring this possibility to supplement your income - at http://drhanskugler.isagenix.com/  please complete an inquiry and we will forward it to the right people. 

  A giant step towards making YOUR individual stem cells:
Oregon U scientists make human ESCs via Nuclear Transfer


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Fracking Fluids - Pennsylvania - exposed:
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Poisoning the earth's ground waters; a dishonest way of disposing toxic chemicals (?) - - - for which, otherwise, the chemical industry would have to pay dearly. In terms of Climate Change risks, FRACKING ( an energy farce pulled over on the US public) is worse than coal.

Applied HOW TO Anti-Aging & Fitness from the Ground Up.

OUR SUCCESS - - YOU benefit! We – IAAM, International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine – were successful in finding a sponsor for our health education, and aging/stem cell research, AND one requirement was that we make our e-book, LIFE-LONG HEALTH (regular $18.95), available to the public at the non-profit price of $1.99.  

To purchase the book at BARNES AND NOBLE click here:


If you don’t have a device (- like iPad, NOOK) to read an e-book, at www.BarnesandNoble.com you can download FOR FREE “Nook for PC” (for your computer). Whenever you are going somewhere - - even if it’s just to your favorite eating place - - print out a chapter, or two, and you’ll never be bored. 

To access the first 21 pages, click here:
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  You'll find: Table of Contents, book reviews, Dr. Kugler's Bio, Foreword (- The Scientific Basis for re-igniting the Health Freedom Rights Movement-), and, in the introduction, Dr. Kugler's medical history-making drug-less recovery from an impact-induced heart injury; orthodox medicine said it could never been done!
This book - presently available as e-book - is the result of 11 years of anti-aging, longevity, and fitness research. Scientific documentation - no opinionated phantasies - is the key; Science speaks for itself. Like the activity/exercise program in this book, by the Olympic trainer, Dr.Paul Ward, reviewed by Texas U exercise guru Jack Wilmore: "effective beyond wildest expectations in producing changes in aerobic fitness, strength, lean body mass and very positive changes in body composition" - - and only two sessions/week required (if a minor third session involves any aerobic activity, like a long walk, swimming, or any sports).
There are a total of 13 chapters, covering every aspect of anti-aging, from the basic health practices, connected to aging via telomere research, two levels - basic and advanced - of supplementation, weight-loss, facial rejuvenation, an introduction to aging research, stem cells, and how to calculate your gene-expression age ( - - younger or older than your birth-certificate age?), AND MUCH MORE.

Your absolute best ways to stay up-to-par with the Anti-Aging, health, and fitness sciences, uninfluenced by commercial interests:
a) Read LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to Control your Genes to stay Young with Age.
b) Come back to our web-site to learn about new discoveries.
c) at http://www.worldhealth.net subscribe (free) to the health professional's Longevity Magazine (science up-dates)..

d) At http://www.digivision.com/A4M CDs of key presentations at A4M, and other medical Congresses, are available as POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS. This technology has evolved to a point where you see/hear the speaker AND the slides, all on the same screen.
You can check out free sample lectures, and if you have questions, just call for info:
Tel.: 1-208-667-0226.
  Their most important series is "Advanced Protocols in Anti-Aging Medicine."  Find here Dr. Kugler's Orlando 2012 "Stem Cell Reality Check: truth and myths." and Las Vegas 2012 Powerpoint, "HOW TO Anti-Aging and Fitness Beyond 80; eliminating the pitfalls."

Dr. Kugler on numerous radio and TV shows; a few examples:
http://latalklive.com/new/heres-to-your-health LA Live talk with Josh Lane, Click on January 8,12.

THE Bragg Institute Health & Longevity radio; with 70 associated radio stations. Jan. 31.

At http://www.worldhealth.net , at SECOND OPINION, click on Dr. Hans Kugler, July 4, 2010; heart recovery, anti-aging, fitness, and more. Here you'll also find many fascinating interviews with doctors in every special field.

At http://www.iHealthTube.com click on contributors, and watch 9 video interviews on various aspects of Aging, Fitness, weight-loss, keys to a healthy sex-life, and Stem Cells.