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Dr. Hans Kugler, PhD, is one of our most highly recognized researchers in the field of anti-aging medicine; his scientific presentations - - supported by impeccable documentation -- are eye-openers for professionals and lay-persons alike.

As professor of chemistry at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where he also did extensive longevity research, Dr. Kugler not only puts things into perspective, but also provides a complete picture of the anti-aging and regenerative medical sciences that can be applied with successful results.”

Dr. Ronald Klatz, M.D., D.O. President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD,
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Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, President
IAAM International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, HK Stem Cell Research

A clear and present danger: A NO-RETURN EARTH-CATASTROPHE BY SEPTEMBER 2015!   , and a longer version -  - containing explanations and full documentation for those who had requested it, or were still under the influence of intentionally planted bogus arguments by the oil industry :                     

Unusual symptoms in airline passengers – inflammation, allergies, flu-like - connected to the toxins in Chemtrail/SRM spraying:  , and a  longer version - with detailed documentation.

Right along these lines - - health RISKS of WiFi equipped airplanes on passengers and crews - - see Dr. Kerry Crofton's info (- and new book - ) at the bottom of this page. Fas-ci-na-ting!
Severe Allergies? Unexplained Inflammation
? - - - Down the road Alzheimers, Autism for your kids - - then other diseases (cancer, many more) for which Inflammation is a starting point? Look no further; look up at the synthetic sky!

  These Test Animals had no choice but to eat the GM-corn they were fed.
                                        Would you?

Animals fed GMO corn get cancer; a scientifically established fact. The science is clear, but you won't believe the harassment perpetrated on scientists by GMO manufacturers when they report risks associated with GMOs. For pictures and the - truly nasty - details CLICK HERE.

Would you eat GM - genetically modified -- foods after learning that:

Russia banned all GMO crops, and with a 10-year moratorium. For details click

There is a strong correlation between GMO consumption and 22 major diseases: .   Right along with US GMO consumption - - inversely - - US life span among 30 nations has dropped to dead last;
for references see the (above) quoted scientific publication.

Would you trust an industry - - in this case the GMO industry - - that triggers harassment campaigns against researchers who publish risks of GMO foods? Naturally not! Read more about it at

With the Arctic Methane Group warning of a Planetary Emergency
- -
extreme amounts of Methane from thawing permafrost areas will lead to a global catastrophe (- as early as 2015 -) unless Arctic sea ice losses are reversed immediately - - Government apparently OK'd oil industry-sponsored weather modification apprentices to try countermeasures - - Geoengineering, Chemtrails, spraying of mega-tons of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium into the atmosphere to reduce sun energy hitting earth - - that are not supervised by real Climate Change scientists, carry extreme risks to human and plant health, and have been termed "loony-tunes," "Frankenstein pseudo-science," and "violating laws of physics and thermodynamics". Check out and CLICK HERE for A4M FORUM.
Also check out this amazing interview with a geoengineering insider scientist - - who was found dead a few days after giving the interview:

It appears - as justification for Chemtrails - they are using a 1992 report (Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine), which was written LONG before the MIT/Harvard Hydrogen/Fuelcell work by prof. Dan Nocera (see p.3, and others, like SIEMENS, Germany) demonstrated that photovoltaics (solar) and water could run our entire country pollution-free, and eliminate enough oil and coal usage to reduce CO2 (the # 1 cause of Global Warming) by AT LEAST 50% in the shortest time possible. It therefore appears obvious that Oil, coal, and gas interests are behind the Chemtrails, Geoengineering, push to douse us with mega-tons of toxic aluminum, Barium, others, and with total neglect for our health. THIS LUNACY HAS TO STOP!

And plan to attend the December A4M Congress in Las Vegas; this will be the largest ever, with record-setting number of speakers, Exhibits, and certification modules.

Microwave Madness in The Marketplace, by Kerry Crofton, PhD

Just when we thought awareness of WiFi and mobile phone radiation health hazards was growing: 

• Baby seats by Fisher Price with iPad holders – very close to the infant (if the parents only knew the potential harm)

• Pendant mobile phones to hang between women’s breasts (check out Dr. Devra Davis’ report about potential breast cancer link)

• Google™ Glasses (how close is the transmitter to the eye and brain?)

• Google™ Smart Contact Lenses (hear they may be coming soon?)

• Smart Conductive Clothing and Wearable Technology (microwaves up close and personal) and Medical clothes with real time feedback 

Product Disclaimer (?) Suppose a product came with the following warnings, and, even if it were cool, and everywhere, would you buy it?

– Not tested for long-term (or short?) impact on human health, and in tiny print: keep it  ___  (distance) away from your body

– Thousands of physicians and scientists, and some countries, are raising a medical alert about its use, and inaccurate regulation standards

– The World Health Organization had labelled its microwave radiation emissions a carcinogen and reported scientific evidence of harm

– Many people are suffering reaction symptoms when exposed to it: heart problems, sleep disruption, nausea, vertigo/dizziness, headaches, cognitive impairment, loss of consciousness, skin rashes, bloodshot eyes, tingling hands, ringing in the ears. And evidence of cancer risks.

– Evidence of pre-natal damage and possible autism connection

– There are class action suits based on health claims

Beware ‘Smart’ WiFi technology

Diapers, Clothing, Medical devices, Classrooms, Watches, Wearables, Guns (??), Meters, Appliances, Heart Monitors, Hospital beds, Home Security, ‘Smart’ Cities with sensors in every house and on every street, and ‘talking’ cars with WiFi signals emitting from car to car – for safety! Soon, WiFi implants at birth?


A plea to parents & grandparents safer-tech for your baby

Some friends are off to see their pregnant daughter, and to meet soon their first grandchild. If you have felt this joy, you know the depth. They welcomed my suggestions to protect this baby:

1. Let the new parents know why the baby should not be within ten feet of a powered-on mobile device  – before or after the birth.

2. Buy these new parents landline telephone service and a corded phone. (Like most young people of their digital generation, they are now only using cell phones.) If they insist on a cordless phone, find a second-hand, 900 MHz one – not a 2.4, 5.8 or 6.0 GHz digital one.

3. And look for an older analog baby monitor, if they are going to use one. Digital monitors emit high levels of microwave radiation.

4. Also buy them a wired-only Internet router and a few Ethernet cables and explain why they do not want the baby, or themselves, in a WiFi environment. If they baulk, get them a power bar so they can turn off the router at night, and make sure it is as far away as possible. 

5. If they use a microwave oven, ask them to keep the baby at least twenty feet away when it’s on.

6. Bluetooth® is not for babies, in the car, or anywhere. And, hopefully they don’t have an electric hybrid car – strong electro-magnetic fields where children may be sitting.. 

Hopefully, when the new parents are overwhelmed with love, they will use that fierce protectiveness to guard their child from this potential harm, and will never let it suck on, or play with, any mobile device – a cell phone, iPad etc. If they read our wellness guide, they’ll soon see why. 

Kerry Crofton, PhD 

author, A Wellness Guide for The Digital Age, Global Wellbeing Books, 2014.

For more details, and how to order the book, click

Kerry Crofton is a health educator, concerned parent and member of the International EMF Alliance. She is Medical Commentator on electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and Co-Founder and Director of the international advisory board, Doctors For Safer Schools.

Applied HOW TO Anti-Aging & Fitness from the Ground Up.

OUR SUCCESS - - YOU benefit! We – IAAM, International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine – were successful in finding a sponsor for our health education, and aging/stem cell research, AND one requirement was that we make our e-book, LIFE-LONG HEALTH (regular $18.95), available to the public at the non-profit price of $1.99.  

To purchase the book at BARNES AND NOBLE click here:

If you don’t have a device (- like iPad, NOOK) to read an e-book, at you can download FOR FREE “Nook for PC” (for your computer). Whenever you are going somewhere - - even if it’s just to your favorite eating place - - print out a chapter, or two, and you’ll never be bored. 

To access the first 21 pages, click here:
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  You'll find: Table of Contents, book reviews, Dr. Kugler's Bio, Foreword (- The Scientific Basis for re-igniting the Health Freedom Rights Movement-), and, in the introduction, Dr. Kugler's medical history-making drug-less recovery from an impact-induced heart injury; orthodox medicine said it could never been done!
This book - presently available as e-book - is the result of 11 years of anti-aging, longevity, and fitness research. Scientific documentation - no opinionated phantasies - is the key; Science speaks for itself. Like the activity/exercise program in this book, by the Olympic trainer, Dr.Paul Ward, reviewed by Texas U exercise guru Jack Wilmore: "effective beyond wildest expectations in producing changes in aerobic fitness, strength, lean body mass and very positive changes in body composition" - - and only two sessions/week required (if a minor third session involves any aerobic activity, like a long walk, swimming, or any sports).
There are a total of 13 chapters, covering every aspect of anti-aging, from the basic health practices, connected to aging via telomere research, two levels - basic and advanced - of supplementation, weight-loss, facial rejuvenation, an introduction to aging research, stem cells, and how to calculate your gene-expression age ( - - younger or older than your birth-certificate age?), AND MUCH MORE.

Your absolute best ways to stay up-to-par with the Anti-Aging, health, and fitness sciences, uninfluenced by commercial interests:
a) Read LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to Control your Genes to stay Young with Age.
b) Come back to our web-site to learn about new discoveries.
c) at subscribe (free) to the health professional's Longevity Magazine (science up-dates)..

d) At CDs of key presentations at A4M, and other medical Congresses, are available as POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS. This technology has evolved to a point where you see/hear the speaker AND the slides, all on the same screen.
You can check out free sample lectures, and if you have questions, just call for info:
Tel.: 1-208-667-0226.
  Their most important series is "Advanced Protocols in Anti-Aging Medicine."  Find here Dr. Kugler's Orlando 2012 "Stem Cell Reality Check: truth and myths." and Las Vegas 2012 Powerpoint, "HOW TO Anti-Aging and Fitness Beyond 80; eliminating the pitfalls."

Dr. Kugler on numerous radio and TV shows; a few examples: LA Live talk with Josh Lane, Click on January 8,12.

THE Bragg Institute Health & Longevity radio; with 70 associated radio stations. Jan. 31.

At , at SECOND OPINION, click on Dr. Hans Kugler, July 4, 2010; heart recovery, anti-aging, fitness, and more. Here you'll also find many fascinating interviews with doctors in every special field.

At click on contributors, and watch 9 video interviews on various aspects of Aging, Fitness, weight-loss, keys to a healthy sex-life, and Stem Cells.