Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD
Three pictures, above:
LEFT: Anti-Aging medical textbooks; Dr. Kugler co-author.
MIDDLE: Dr. Kugler, motivational speaker, on ANY aspect of anti-aging, presenter at International Anti-Aging Medical congresses.
RIGHT: Anti-aging, health, and fitness books by Dr.Kugler.
LBM Demonstration Project; lean like a Jaguar (women), or muscle like a Hummer: click here:
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ANTI-AGING - not just theoretical, but truly applicable - - IS NOW A SCIENTIFICALLY DOCUMENTED REALITY.
Within the overall mechanism/picture of aging, telomeres - extensions at the end of your DNA molecules that shorten with every cell division/age - had previously been established as true aging modalities. I elaborated on this in detail in my book LIFE-LONG HEALTH. But now a newly developed (and fully documented) formulation of naturally occurring plant ingredients (Product B, a proprietary blend) has been shown to positively support telomere health.  The plant-based active ingredients increase/maintain telomere-length in in-vitro tests on human skin cells.
Product B is marketed via multi-level by Isagenix (not IAAM associated). If you are interested in getting the best price - or exploring this possibility to supplement your income - at http://drhanskugler.isagenix.com/  please complete an inquiry and we will forward it to the right people. 

  A giant step towards making YOUR individual stem cells:
Oregon U scientists make human ESCs via Nuclear Transfer


HOT! A4M Symposiums, Anti-Aging Congresses, FORUM:

Fracking Fluids - Pennsylvania - exposed:
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Poisoning the earth's ground waters; a dishonest way of disposing toxic chemicals (?) - - - for which, otherwise, the chemical industry would have to pay dearly. In terms of Climate Change risks, FRACKING ( an energy farce pulled over on the US public) is worse than coal.
"NUTS!" to the Climate-Change Denialists.
From Chemtrails and weather modification (awry-gone Frankenstein-type government programs, spraying Aluminum, Barium, Strontium into the atmosphere), to the Methane Death Spiral (scientists giving proof that an earth-terminating run-away disaster has a high probability of happening soon), and carbon-free energy solutions that could put the US back into the # 1 position in the world, click here for the A4M Forum posts.

MUST WATCH: "YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY"; facts/reality about Climate Change, by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford, now showing on SHOWTime. It will amaze you, and demonstrates that anti-climate-change arguments are planted, and pure BOGUS.
Q.: How does your air-conditioner work?
A.: The air-conditioner cools the air, and the circulating air cools the entire place.

Our earth has two air-conditioners: One - large ice masses - on the N-pole, and the other - more ice - on the S-pole.
     Due to our - ever increasing - burning of fossil fuels - oil, gas, coal - the temperature of the entire planet has been rising steadily, and melting the ice caps on both poles; the air conditioning effect is getting less and less, thus changing the climate everywhere. Here in the US southern states are drowning, Texas is dieing from heat and drought, extreme storms ("Sandy" on the east coast) are causing horrendous damages, and in coastal areas ocean levels are rising, Damages climb into the mega-billions!
     Just one - Sandy related - example: Storm damages have increased by 60% from 2011 to 2012, to $80 billion, and rising. Insurance claims are sky-rocketing. To balance insurance claims, homeowners near the ocean have been asked to raise the foundations of their homes, or face $30,000/year insurance premiums. What would you do?
Anything that burns (oil products, gasoline, diesel, natural gas, coal, wood) forms CO2. All living creatures also inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. The total US CO2 production from all sources is about 35 BPD (Billion Pounds/Day); included in that is the CO2 amount from all living creatures, people and animals, approximately 2 Billion pounds/day.

            Trees and oceans used to be able balance the CO2:

                                     Sun energy

           CO2   + H2O   ---------------->  carbohydrates      + O2.

      Not any more!
     Steadily decreasing over the years, nowadays, of all the CO2 produced, nature is only capable of balancing 54%, leaving us (in the US alone) with an excess of about 16 billion pounds of CO2 each day. When CO2 levels in the air increase, plants actually shut down
uptake because CO2 at higher levels is toxic to trees (Univ. of San Diego agri study).

“More energy from the sun hits the earth in 1 hour than all of the energy consumed by humans in an entire year.” Nathan Lewis, California Institute of Technology.

Methane, time-bombs ready to go off.
    Buried under millions of acres of permafrost (ground frozen all year long) tundra in Alaska, and in cold waters in lakes and oceans, are about 400 Gigatons of methane. Methane (CH4, a natural gas) burns like any hydrocarbon to produce CO2 and water. In cold lakes and oceans methane is found as solid (clathrate), crystallized with water. If perma-frost areas thaw, or ocean temperatures increase, the methane will be released as gas.
    Methane, 23 - 105 times more harmful than CO2, if released and accidentally ignited, can cause an environmental disasterous chain reaction, freeing methane that could pose a problem for the entire planet.
     A disaster of this kind already occurred. We learned that 344 square miles of tundra has been blackened by accidentally ignited methane. That's 344 square miles of permafrost that will absorb more solar energy, releasing more methane, until nature repairs the burn. My guess is that this patch of tundra will be some of the most studied ever. Ref.: http://coloradobob1.newsvine.com/_news/2007/09/29/992565-the-tundra-is-on-fire .

     The needed CO2 reductions - for this planet to only have a chance of surviving - are so large that shutting down coal-burning plants, and GREATLY reducing (not increasing, as done by the oil industry) oil consumption, are an absolute and immediate MUST.

It is the greed of IRRESPONSIBLE special interests - polluting industries, and energy companies like gas, oil, and coal - that profit from their polluting activities, and that are endangering the survival of this planet.
     The US has the capacity - no question of a doubt - to be THE # 1 leader in the clean energy fields/technologies!

     Please study: http://www.350.org ; click here!

71 Datsun - converted to electric - beats Corvette, BMW and Mercedes. Check it out; click here:

THE MIT Solution: Just water and sun energy: A 100% pollution-free technology to supply the entire US with more energy than what we need:

A clean environment AND 402 mpg per passenger - - in an airplane:
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